"Since 2010, International Association of Protective Structures has been growing with more then 400 members worldwide, as well as its associated conference ICPS and Journal IJPS."

Prof. Hong Hao
President of International Association of Protective Structures


2020 | 06 | 10

*** IAPS Board Meeting ***

Recently, IAPS Board had few meetings discussing the difficult situation of association during the global pandemic COVID-19 lockdown. Nevertheless, some new fresh ideas appeared to enforce the cooperation of IAPS globally, but also the national Chapters. All of those ideas/activites would be presented in the IAPS Newsletter no. 6 comming with the end of June/beginning of July 2020.

Main aspects regards:
Creating the general rules of IAPS and delivering IAPS certificates of membership
IAPS membership confirmation by online form delivered to IAPS Members by IAPS Newsletter
Establishing the Norman Jones Lecture in the honour of Prof. Norman Jones (short biography and CV)

2020 | 05 | 08

*** IAPS Board Meeting ***

On 4th May, a remote meeting of the IAPS board was held. In connection with the situation regarding the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the directions of development of the society and the IJPS magazine were discussed, as well as the ICPS conference. The decision to postpone ICPS6 to 2021 was held.

2020 | 03 | 18

*** 6th International Conference on Protective Structures ***

Dear Colleagues,

due to the COVID-19 developments we hope that you, your families, and friends are in good health and will remain so in those difficult weeks/months.

Unfortunately, the global situation forced the Organizers and the Steering Commitee of ICPS6 2020 to postpone the conference. At this point the new date suggested is May 2021, Auburn University will be the conference host.
The Organizers assure that full refunds are available to those that have already registered. Also, those that submitted abstracts and proceedings papers will be contacted about opportunities for the future ICPS6 and special editions of the IJPS and JDR&E.
For more information and questions please contact James S. Davidson (jim.davidson@auburn.edu)

IAPS Board

2019 | 09 | 18

2019 | 07 | 09

Promote research on IAPS Youtube channel

2019 | 06 | 04

Dear Colleagues: On behalf of the International Association of Protective Structures, Dr. Catie Stephens and Prof. James S. Davidson invite you to participate in the 6th International Conference on Protective Structures to be convened at Auburn University on May 10, 2020. This will be the first ICPS in this region of the world and represents a rare opportunity to interact and share with peers and researchers of other nations on this very important subject. Please see details below and add ICPS6 to your calendar. We will provide additional information as the agenda develops.

2018 | 08 | 31

Dear IAPS members and ICPS5 participants: Thank you very much for attending the conference and your activity in the field of protective structure engineering. In this email, we would like to summarize the ICPS5 and present to you some numbers and facts: 1) Number of ICPS5 participants = 138, 2) Given presentations = 111 (+8 cancelled), 3) Invited Keynotes = 6

2018 | 08 | 19

Last week we successfully finished a Two-day Short Course titled Blast Effect Analysis and Design. This workshop was organised together with Karagozian & Case Inc., USA and Poznan University of Technology, POL. Participants from 5 countries met and trained with the background of the blast-resistant design and analysis.


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IAPS have the following four membership grades: Distinguished Fellow, Fellow, Member and Student Member.

Distinguished Fellow is the highest membership grade of the IAPS, given only to selected people who have made distinguished contributions to the field of protective structures and for services to the profession. During the board meeting, it was agreed that the IAPS founding President Norbert Gebbeken, and IAPS founding Deputy Presidents, i.e. Hong Hao and David Yankelevsky will be recognised as the first IAPS Distinguished Fellows.

Fellow will be conferred to individuals who have a demonstrated experience of not less than 10 years, and recognised as having achieved eminence in the field. All current board members will be made foundation Fellows of the IAPS. For selection and admission to the Fellow grade, a person will need the support of two current Fellows, with their application to be assessed and accepted by the board. To nominate a Fellow please fill the following Application and Nomination Form for Fellow Member and send it to current IAPS President.

ICPS Partners

International universities in which the International Conference on Protective Structures (ICPS) were held last years.

The University of Manchester (ICPS1-2010)

Tianjin University (ICPS4-2016)

Universität der Bundeswehr München (ICPS2-2011)

Poznan University of Technology (ICPS5-2018)

The University of Newcastle (ICPS3-2015)

Auburn University (ICPS6)


It all started at the beginning of 2009. In early 2009 the idea of a new International Journal of Protective Structures was brought up by Professor Hong Hao as the journal founder and editor, and an editorial board was built up. In April 2009, Professor Hong Hao suggested planning acquaintance meeting of the new editorial board. Professor David Yankelevsky, proposed that the meeting will take place at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa ISRAEL. He also suggested extending this event into an International Workshop on Structures Response to Impact and Blast (IWSRIB). The event was scheduled to take place on November 2009, and include presentations of all editorial board members and many more prominent participants. The idea was to gather the professional community in the field of protective structures to present papers on advances in research and discuss topics of common interest. It was also suggested that this workshop will also aim at establishing three complementary long term activities: 1) Launch the International Journal of Protective Structures (IJPS), 2) Establish an International Association of Protective Structures (IAPS) that will enhance collaborations and share of information, 3) Establish a series of periodical workshops and conferences on Protective Structures. These three complementary venues of the journal, the international association and the series of conferences were presented at the opening of IWSRIB as part of the goals of the workshop. It was hoped that these complementary activities will enhance cooperation and professional activity. With this concept, the workshop was organized at Technion and co-chaired by Prof. David Yankelevsky and Prof. Hong Hao. Later, on July 2009, a first leaflet presenting the journal (IJPS) and its editorial board, and inviting contributed papers and subscriptions, was released. IWSRIB was the most successful 3 days series of presentations and discussions. The above goals were presented at the opening address and were elaborated in more detail at its closure. During the workshop the new journal (IJPS) was presented, the idea of an International Association of Protective Structures was presented, and the intention of following periodical conferences and workshops was declared. During Sept.-Oct. 2009 first papers were submitted to the journal and following a review process, the Volume 1-Issue 1 of the International Journal of Protective structures appeared in March 2010. In the preface to this issue, the scope and aim of the journal were presented as well as its affiliation to the International Association of Protective Structures (IAPS): "The journal is the flagship publication of the International Association of Protective Structures". Following the success of IWSRIB, it was decided to plan the 2nd, and it was merged with the planned 3rd ADSEI conference into “The Joint ADSEI-IWSRIB Conference” to be held in September-October 2010 in Manchester UK with Professor Qingming Li as Chairman. This temporary name was later turned into the “The 1st International Conference on Protective Structures (ICPS1)”. Following IWSRIB, during 2010, the bylaws of IAPS were written. It was suggested that the founding team will lead IAPS with Professor Norbert Gebbeken as the first President, and both Prof. Hong Hao and Professor David Yankelevsky as Vice Presidents. IAPS board was later nominated. The formal presentation o IAPS organization and bylaws were presented during the first ICPS, and the leading team was approved. Following ICPS1, IAPS logo was prepared and its website was created. Nowadays, there are established the national IAPS chapters in ISRAEL and AUSTRALIA.

IAPS board 2018-2022

Prof. James Davidson (Auburn University, USA), Prof. Qin Fang (Army Engineering University, China), Prof. Norbert Gebbeken (University of the Bundeswehr, Germany), Prof. Hong Hao (Curtin University, Australia) | PRESIDENT, Prof. Qingming Li (University of Manchester, UK), Prof. Zhong-Xian Li (Tianjin University, China), Prof. Jeffrey Packer (University of Toronto, Canada), Prof. Piotr W. Sielicki (Poznan University of Techonology, Poland) | Vice PRESIDENT, Prof. Yoshimi Sonoda (Kyushu University, Japan), Prof. Mark Stewart (University of Newcastle, Australia) | Vice PRESIDENT, Prof. David Yankelevsky (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)

IAPS Executive Committee 2018-2022

Idan E. Edri (TECHNION Haifa, Israel), Kazunori Fujikake (National Defence Academy, Japan), Tomasz Gajewski (Poznan University of Technology, Poland), Yifei Hao (Tianjin University, China), Michał Malendowski (Poznan University of Technology, Poland), Michael D. Netherton (University of Newcastle, Australia), Catherine S. Stephens (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, USA), Paul Warnstedt (University of the Bundeswehr, Germany), Mark Weaver (Karagozian & Case, USA)

IAPS Board 2014-2018

Mr. John Crawford (Karagozian & Case, USA), Prof. James Davidson (Auburn University, USA), Prof. Qin Fang (PLA University of Technology, China), Prof. Norbert Gebbeken (University of the Bundeswehr, Germany) | PRESIDENT, Prof. Hong Hao (Curtin University, Australia) | Vice PRESIDENT, Prof. Zhongxian Li (Tianjin Chengjian University, China), Prof. Nobutaka Ishikawa (National Defence Academy, Japan), Prof. Jeffrey Packer (University of Toronto, Canada), Prof. Mark Stewart (University of Newcastle, Australia), Prof. David Yankelevsky (TECHNION Haifa, Israel) | Vice PRESIDENT


International Association of Protective Structures

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